HCRU Privacy Statement

The HCRU never gives away or sells any information provided to us. 

The Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit, Inc. is committed to creating a safe and secure online environment where the online world can connect comfortably and anonymously with other netizens. The HCRU does
not collect any personal information from our users in order to provide our services.

No (zero zip nada) information about HCRU Members or Donors is ever given or sold to third parties.

The standard web, gopher, and ftp information servers at this site, like all other web, gopher, and ftp servers, create local log file entries containing connection related technical data, but no personally- identifiable information not provided explicitly by the user. Their data entries in these logs are used
only for server and network operation and maintenance, and are not released to outside entities.

Any questions concerning these policies can be addressed to

The HCRU website is hosted in Google Sites. Google's Privacy Policy is here.

Thank you.

Be safe.