4/7/2012 Tumbling Rock Cave

Possible broken femur approximately 2 hours into the cave. That is SERIOUS!

Brian Bailey's cell 256-509-4785 but he won't have service at Tumbling Rock

4/7 @1616 Stage at K-Mart in Scottsboro

4/7 @1754 Leaving K-Mart for cave
4/7 @1852 All HCRU Members stand by in Huntsville
4/7 @2130
Female pt out of cave & doing fine

Thank you to all who responded!

Link to CAVE MAP AL171 Tumbling Rock Cave

Directions to cave:

Address for Tumbling Rock is 3407 County Rd 111, Fackler, AL 35746

From Huntsville...

US-72 EAST ~43 miles to Hollywood, AL

Turn LEFT (NW) onto Bellefonte Rd/Co Rd 33

After 8.2 miles, turn LEFT onto Co Rd 111
After 3.3 mi, you are there
3407 County Road 111 Fackler, AL 35746