SRT - Single Rope Technique
Next Class: Spring, 2019

Single Rope Technique Class

The rope climbing and rappelling skills used by vertical cavers

(A prerequisite to the Hauls & Lowers for Wilderness Environments Class)

Designed to instruct students in the knowledge and skills to safely climb and rappel using SRT with hands-on training in both classroom and field settings. Includes information on: rigging and equipment, climbing systems and their applications, ascending, descending, changeovers in both directions, and dealing with rope obstructions.

Please see  for a more in-depth course in July

Course Date: TBD, 2019
Limited to 15 participants
Current enrollment: 0
(manually updated; PayPal maintains an accurate count and won't let you register if the class is full)

$50 donation per participant

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Please specify all participant names and preferred e-mail addresses

Please specify all participant names and preferred e-mail addresses

Payment accepted via PayPal only (PayPal account not required)

If for some reason you cannot attend class, you must notify HCRU two weeks prior.

For any registration questions, please contact:

Equipment Requirements

Participants MUST provide the following:
Sturdy lugged-sole lace-up boots (no sneakers or sandals)
Leather Gloves (with full fingers)
Knee pads (soft cap such as volleyball knee pads work best)
Appropriate clothing for the weather (long pants recommended, no turnout gear)
Personal First Aid kit - we will be outdoors, make HCRU aware of allergies (bees, poison ivy, wasps...)
Cash for lunch on Saturday (not all accept plastic)
Bring water, snacks & a lunch on Sunday
The HCRU will provide helmets, but if you have your own climbing-approved helmet feel free to bring it

The HCRU will provide all the necessary climbing and rappelling gear.

Age Requirement
All participants must be 18 years old or have a signed Liability Release Form

HELPFUL KNOWLEDGE / PREP WORK: All the following knots are covered as a part of the course, but it will enhance your experience practice these before class if you are not yet familiar. Click to go to an animated step by step instruction for tying:  Alpine Butterfly  -  Bowline  -  Double Fisherman  -  Prusik  -  Water Knot  -  Figure 8: Follow-Through  -  Figure 8: Double ("Bunny Ears")

Class Schedule
Class begins at 0800 on Saturday at
Brindlee Mountain Fire Station 1 - 4373 U.S. 231, Union Grove, AL‎ - (256) 498-3109
This is a NEW station so it may not be in your GPS devices, so please use: 34.47079, -86.56802

Class will be held rain, heat or shine.
We train for real-life situations. Come prepared for the weather!

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Dan Mattle

Brian Bailey (256) 509-4785