HCRU Class Overview

Single Rope Technique

This is an introductory two-day (weekend-long) course for SRT, the rope climbing and rappelling skills used by vertical cavers. It is $50 and all gear is provided. A perfect way to try & practice rappelling and climbing in a safe environment. It covers basic rigging skills, and various maneuvering skills such as changeovers, dealing with rope obstructions, and edge transitions.



Rescue Technician: Cave Rescue I/II

NFPA 1006 Certified Class & Alabama Fire College sanctioned

This is an extremely hands-on four-day class (Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and a test on Monday only for those seeking Certification) complete with a full-on mock rescue.


Cost is $90 without Certification
$320 with AFC Pro Board Certification
Out-of-State Certification $540

CERTIFICATION registration is handled through the Alabama Fire College
To register, please CALL them at (866) 984-3545
CAVERS and other people not taking it for certification can register now directly through HCRU!

Hauls & Lowers 
Rigging hauls & lowers in a wilderness environment.