HCRU Class Overview

Single Rope Technique

This is an introductory two-day (weekend) course for SRT, the rope climbing and rappelling skills used by vertical cavers. A perfect way to learn about and practice rappelling and climbing in a safe environment. It covers basic rigging skills and various maneuvering skills such as changeovers, dealing with rope obstructions, and edge transitions.
Cost: $100 - all gear is provided


Rescue Technician: Cave Rescue I/II

NFPA 1006 Certified Class & Alabama Fire College sanctioned

This is an intensive hands-on four-day class (Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and a test on Monday only for those seeking Certification) complete with a fully day student-run mock rescue. We work hard to ensure all students get hands-on training at every skill station and provide many rotations so everyone has an opportunity to experience in each role involved in cave rescue. We welcome everyone interested in learning about cave rescue whether or not associated with an agency, and strive to keep costs to cavers and individuals who do not require NFPA certification low, at only $150!


Cost is $150 without Certification
$350 with AFC Pro Board Certification
Out-of-State Certification $540

CERTIFICATION registration is handled through the Alabama Fire College
To register, please CALL them at (866) 984-3545
CAVERS and other people not taking it for certification can register now directly through HCRU!

Hauls & Lowers 

This is a two-day (weekend) course that teaches how to rig hauls & lowers in a wilderness environment. This course requires our SRT class or similar class/experience as a prerequisite. Learn how to build each component of the system, manage edge transitions with a patient, rigging, and solve mock rescue scenarios.
Cost: $50, all rigging/rescue gear is provided - climbing systems can be provided as well but SRT proficiency is assumed